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amri santoso
In my case, Dr. Toh Keng Kiat gave me clear evaluation regarding the disease now happened in my doughter... suggestion dan information also good and clear, it is recommended to do teleconsul before doing a necessary for future action. In my religion should say Alhamdulillah i found the right place to consultation. Thank you.
Xin Hui Tan
I am grateful to all the ICS nurses and Dr Ooi for the care throughout my chemo journey. It was the worst 5 months of my life because of the cancer but ICS made it better...First thank you for Dr Ooi for being there throughout the journey esp when I had a fever for almost one month due to Taxol induced Pneumonitis, and for the timely intervention to send me for the necessary heart checks, CT scan, etc, to get to the root of the problem and changing me from Paclitaxel to Abraxane. He did not waste a single day to troubleshoot the problem.I also want to thank the nurses who attended to me. Special mention to Kartini who is very gentle and is incredibly skilled in putting in the IV plug and drawing my blood. Seriously if she poke you its as unpainful as it gets already. I also want to thank Alina and Pushpa for diluting my meds and administering them without hiccups too. I hear stories of chemo leaking into tissues but I never had such experience at ICS because the nurses are very experienced. Plus the part-time nurse (so sorry I forgot your name but remember your warm words) for always making sure I'm comfortable with blankets drinks and such. And Susie for the warm greeting every time I come in.Only issue I have is because they are sooo popular and due to covid measures only 4 patients allowed at one time (I think) so scheduling is a headache. The nurses (esp Alina) try their best to schedule everyone. :)And BTW you can watch Netflix and Viu in the clinic (if the TV is available that day) if you have your own account because they have smart TV. This is very important when you are in discomfort during chemo, any distraction helps. The air is very clean because they have air purifiers in every room. Here are some pics. Cheers.
B Chung
I'm really grateful to Dr Ooi Wei Seong and the staff of ICS for making my weeks at ICS so bearable. They're an excellent team of healthcare professionals who really care for their patients. During my treatment sessions, they always made sure I was comfortable and checked on me frequently.Dr Ooi is an experienced professional who's deeply knowledgeable in his field, but he also has a very warm, approachable and jovial manner that puts one at ease. All of the clinic staff - the nurses (Pearl, Alena, Pushpa, Kartini and Nerina), the clinic administrator (Susie) and the lady who gives me barley water every week - are a warm and wonderful team and never fail to make me smile during every visit.Thank you to the team at ICS for your compassion and support during this challenging time.
I consider myself lucky to be treated by this medical team. Dr Ooi, as always, has been very friendly and patient. He will try his best to give advice to me, other than providing medication, to make me feel better especially during my chemo treatments. The girls are helpful and caring, making sure I am comfortable during the treatments. At times they do brightens up my day considering this is my lowest point of my life. Thank you all of you. I will miss you all.
N. Angullia
From Day One, Dr Ooi has put me at ease. With his positive and cheerful behaviour. When my tumours returned shortly after surgery, he was still edging me not to give up. Best of all, he was responsive even if you have concerns outside his clinic hours and wanted to talk to him about it.Thank you for making me feel like I was getting the best care. Thank you to all the nurses (past and present- Hangqi, Pearl, Alìna, Kartini, Pushpa) for making me feel safe, as pain free as possible and cared for. I know I haven’t been an easy patient when the needles come out. But the nurses & staff were extremely patient. Thanks to Susie as well.Great job to all!
Doctor and patient
patient and doctor
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We Make A Difference Together

We never forget that we are caring for a patient, not just fighting cancer. Every patient has his or her fears, worries, and concerns such as treatment costs and outcomes after being diagnosed with cancer. At International Cancer Specialists (ICS), we understand that these stresses can make an already traumatic experience even worse. This is why we take the time and effort to understand and offer solutions where we can, based on our experience caring for thousands of patients from Singapore and over 20 countries around the world.

We believe that every patient is an individual and no two are the same. Therefore, every patient who visits our centre deserves to be treated with a unique approach that will result in the best possible results. At ICS, we remember your name. For we see you as a person first, not just a statistic.

Mrs Tan Dp

Mrs. Tan-Hoong Chu Eng


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Integrity. Competence. Service.

At International Cancer Specialists, we believe that every patient deserves to be treated with competent and compassionate service. This is why we go to great lengths to ensure that we understand your individual needs and wants before anything else. We firmly believe that a patient who is in their prime physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual state is a patient who is best prepared to win the battle against cancer.

Our cancer management centre in Singapore is proud to have served thousands of patients since 2008. Offering a range of services including cancer screening tests, diagnosis, treatment and management, our team of specialised physicians and surgeons follow the same principles of Integrity in our conduct, Competence in our levels of care, and Service in our interactions. We look forward to providing the same to you and your loved ones too.

Mr Ben Dp

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Mr Ben And Mrs Tan
Mr Ben And Mrs Tan
Dr Ooi
Dr Ooi

Cancer Specialist and Research.

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to translate today’s most promising research findings into tomorrow’s new, more effective treatments with fewer side effects. In other words, more targeted and personalised treatments as no two cancers are the same. Our patients benefit from that quest by receiving not only sound advice upon their diagnosis but also the best treatments to minimise or eliminate their cancer to attain a high quality of life before, during and after treatment.

Ooi Wei Seong

Dr. Ooi Wei Seong


Decades of Expertise.

I have been privileged and humbled in my 50 years of practice to witness many landmark achievements in not only haematology but medicine in general but more importantly, to avail me of any new knowledge in the management of my patients.

Dr. Toh Keng Kita

Dr. Toh Keng Kiat


Dr Toh
Dr Toh

Our Services

Medical Oncology

Experienced in treating and managing all solid tumours and a recipient of Singapore’s Health Quality Service Award, Dr Ooi Wei Seong was actively involved with multiple investigator-initiated and pharmaceutical-led clinical trials.

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Blood disorders come in many varieties and require a specialised haematologist for personalised treatment and diagnosis due to their complexity.

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Cancer-Focused Health Screening

Detecting cancer early can greatly increase your chances to recover from cancer successfully.

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Get medical advice from the comfort of your home with Teleconsultations. Save time and money from travelling, avoid exposure to COVID-19, and receive efficient care and advice from our specialists, all without leaving your home.

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Second Opinion

All patients should feel secure about their diagnosis and treatment plan as fighting cancer is a serious battle. Should any doubts, uncertainty or questions arise about your initial diagnosis and treatment plan, it can be helpful to get a fresh perspective on your condition.

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Foreign Patients

Besides serving thousands of local patients, we have also served patients from almost 40 different countries.

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Why Choose Us

Every patient is a human-being first and foremost.

It’s never easy to journey through life with cancer. The toll on one’s emotional and physical well-being, coupled with the stress of financial decisions, can be rather overwhelming.

International Cancer Specialists (ICS) was founded in 2008 with the purpose of addressing these concerns. We treat every patient as a human being first and foremost, worthy and deserving of the dignity, care and support we would give to a close friend or family member.

Contact us to learn more about the cost of our cancer screening tests or speak to our doctors regarding your health today.

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As a cancer treatment and management centre in Singapore, we provide various services including medical oncology, haematology, cancer-focused health screenings, and a valuable second opinion.

For foreign patients, we also provide advice on travelling to get treatment in Singapore, and face-to-face teleconsultations at your convenience.

ICS offers Cancer-Focused Health Screenings that are focused on detecting cancer early before the appearance of any symptoms. All of your results will be evaluated by our Senior Medical Oncologist with over 15 years of practicing experience.

As Lung Cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world, ICS offers a Lung Cancer-Focused Screening Package. It uses Low-Dose CT scans that contains over 5 times less radiation than Traditional CT Scans and is recommended for individuals at risk of Lung Cancer, i.e individuals exposed to secondhand smoke.

Our treatment plans feature a patient-involved process with our specialists, while taking into account your insurance coverage, in order to create a personalised treatment plan.

The frequency, duration of the treatments, and the required dose for each session are then communicated to the patient.

After the first consultation, the number of treatment sessions we would recommend you to attend will differ based on your individual case and needs. We would assess your current condition during the treatment and compare it to the last time you visited us.

If you are recovering, the appointment sessions may be more staggered. However, should an unexpected turn happen during the period between the two appointments, we may increase the frequency of the appointments.

A second opinion for a cancer diagnosis can help you understand your different treatment options. This is especially crucial if you have a rare type of cancer, or if treatment options are limited in your country.

Even if standard treatment protocols exist for a particular type of cancer at a specific stage, there can be a variation in treatment, depending on the individual and their medical history.

Different doctors will likely have their own set of approaches to treating cancer, such as the type of treatment, the treatment schedule, or the supportive therapies provided.

Going through cancer diagnosis and treatment at a cancer treatment centre can be an emotional journey. Fear, anxiety, and depression can happen while the patient is coping with the treatment, such as those experiencing side effects during chemotherapy. That is why we believe it’s crucial to address how the patient is coping.

ICS also offers counselling and dietary consultations for our patients to assist with the coping of side effects and to provide any emotional support needed.

Unknown to many, private cancer treatment may actually be within reach for many of us. Over the past 15 years, International Cancer Specialists has been helping our patients process their treatment claims from multiple insurance companies in Singapore and around the world. As such, our patients from all walks of life have been able to comfortably finance their treatments.

Be at ease as at ICS you never walk alone, let us plan for financing together. Upon your visit to ICS for treatment, we provide free financial counselling to assist you to make an informed choice on finance matters. Our team of nurses with years of experience in handling international, local, and corporate insurance stand ready to assist with any issues with the financing of your treatment that you may have.

Do send us an email at or give us a call at (+65) 6235 9005. Alternatively, if you have WhatsApp, feel free to leave us a message at (+65) 8168 6908 and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.