3 Benefits In Seeking Holistic Help For Your Cancer Recovery

3 Benefits In Seeking Holistic Help For Your Cancer Recovery

Cancer is an all-encompassing, persistent condition that affects many aspects of life of those diagnosed with it, especially on their physical and mental well-being. In some cases, it may even affect the dynamics with their loved ones.

People undergoing cancer treatment may be limited in their ability to go through daily life, such as lowered productivity at work or inability to enjoy hobbies and activities they used to love.

Even if the cancer treatment helped the patient fully recover, the aftermath can last for the long term. That is why cancer recovery should ideally take a holistic approach, which focuses on helping both the body and the mind not just through cancer therapies, but also counselling, support groups and effective dietary plans. Here are the three core benefits patients can achieve by seeking holistic help.

1. Helps you mentally cope

Getting diagnosed with cancer may cause us to have a mix of complex emotions. This is because we are likely trying to comprehend complicated and confusing details about this significant change in our lives.

After accepting the life-changing fact, the first thing we will probably do is seek medical help, such as from a cancer treatment centre in Singapore. While undergoing treatment, it’s also better to do something about our mental well-being, because stressing over our physical condition may possibly aggravate it.

For instance, studies have shown that depression, one of the leading mental issues, has affected 15% to 25% of cancer patients. Depression is usually caused when a significant psychological impact is caused from factors such as loss of health or lower energy.

2. Helps manage stress levels

Stress can build up quickly for those dealing with cancer. Receiving the diagnosis is enough to psychologically impact us. Moreover, there are other factors a patient has to consider, such as breaking the news to their family and where to find a suitable treatment.

Worrying too much over the cancer situation does not help anyone, since studies show that high-stress levels can affect the effectiveness of its immune system. This further weakens the body and makes us more susceptible to other ailments.

Since some treatments may have side effects that affects our overall physical health, it will be advisable to seek holistic help, specifically cancer counselling, to maintain a good mental state to avoid compromising it any further.

Moreover, since a counsellor working in a cancer management centre is trained in handling cancer cases, they may be able to advise the patient and the family on how they can cope with the issues effectively. This will allow the patient and the family to focus on helping the patient make a full recovery.

3. Improve overall health and quality of life

Undergoing cancer treatment may come with changes that could stir up complicated emotions caused by the cancer’s symptoms.

Coupling the side effects with the feelings of pain, treatment-induced nausea, and other factors may result in patients no longer finding enjoyment in their hobbies or passion, causing the emotional health to dip and ultimately impacting the overall well-being.

Therapy helps address many of these feelings by getting us to talk it out with a trained professional specialising in cancer treatment. Besides resolving adverse thoughts and emotions, therapists also guide patients on coping with the challenges in their cancer journey, be it personal or otherwise.


Because cancer affects both the mind and bodies of those diagnosed, certain healthcare providers are now emphasising the importance of paying attention to a patient’s mental well-being. Moreover, they also encourage patients to seek the support they need to achieve a holistic treatment that will help with the recovery.

Aside from providing cancer-focused health screenings to detect cancer early and allow for quicker and more effective treatment, International Cancer Specialists also works with partners to ensure patients’ psychological and emotional well-being through holistic help.

To actively manage patients’ cancer recovery process, we provide holistic services, such as a customised dietary plan. This helps ensure that cancer patients and their families can attain the best quality of care through cancer management in Singapore.

We deal with many types of cancer, such as breast, colon, and lung cancer, so do feel free to contact us for any cancer-related matters.


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