How To Reduce The Risk of Breast Cancer?

The number of breast cancer cases is increasing every year. In Singapore, it’s the leading type of cancer for women. As a result, many people get breast cancer screening tests in Singapore to find out if they test positive for it or not.

A cancer screening test will confirm if the patient tests positive for cancer but prevention is still better than cure. Prevent cancer from spreading at an early age. Here are some prevention tips you should follow:

1. Monitor your weight

Being obese can increase the risk of getting breast cancer. Obesity is even linked to several types of cancer. Therefore, watch what you eat and avoid being overweight. A healthy diet can prevent breast cancer as long as you keep your weight well-balanced.

2. Limit alcohol intake

Studies show that excessive drinking will increase the risk of breast cancer. This is why women should shy away from alcohol as much as possible. Drinking alcohol will increase levels of estrogen and hormones that are associated with breast cancer. As such, it’s best to avoid drinking altogether.

3. Avoid smoking

Besides drinking, smoking is also another factor that can increase the risk of breast cancer. Studies show that smoking and breast cancer are linked together, especially for premenopausal women.

4. Exercise regularly

Exercising is one of the simplest ways to prevent breast cancer. Combine this with a healthy diet to avoid being overweight, and you’ll significantly reduce the risk of getting breast cancer. Also, an active lifestyle will not only benefit the person’s physical well-being but their mental health as well.

5. Avoid stress

Stress doesn’t cause cancer, but it can lead people to drink, smoke, and engage in other unhealthy activities. It also increases the formation of free radicals. Manage stress and keep it under control to avoid the urge to drink, smoke, and overeat. Instead, participate in healthy hobbies such as exercising to relieve stress.

6. Conceive early and breastfeed

Evidence suggests that women (usually over 35 years old and above) who conceive children later in life have a higher risk of developing breast cancer. It’s better to have children at an earlier stage in life to reduce the risks. Also, if you have children, breastfeed whenever possible to prevent breast cancer.

7. Study your family history

While most cases of breast cancer aren’t due to inherited genetic factors, genetics can still play a part. Breast cancer might run in the family, so you should check if you have past relatives who have experienced cancer at some point.

If there is a history of cancer in your family, you should start living an active lifestyle as early as possible to reduce the risk.


Ultimately, one of the simplest ways to lower your chances of and prevent cancer is to live a healthy lifestyle – Eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, and minimize stress.

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