Celebrating 15 Years of Hope: ICS’ 15th Anniversary Dinner 2023


In a heartwarming celebration of ICS’ trademark compassion and care, International Cancer Specialists marked its 15th anniversary with an unforgettable evening at Sofra, a charming Turkish restaurant located in Marina Square, in the Downtown Core of Singapore. The event brought together patients and staff, healthcare professionals, friends of ICS, and international guests, all united by a shared commitment to the fight against cancer.

The venue’s rich decor, featuring intricate mosaics, transported guests to the heart of Turkey, creating an enchanting backdrop for the evening’s festivities.

The highlight of the evening was an exclusive art auction, featuring works by none other than renowned art professor Dr Leon Chew and ICS’ patients from our Art as Therapy Program. Our artists contributed pieces ranging from evocative paintings of landscapes to intricate scenes in the Chinese painting styles. Each artwork told a unique story of struggle and hope, resonating deeply with the attendees.

International guests, including influential figures in the medical field and associates who have supported ICS, added a touch of glamour to the event.

The clinic’s director delivered an inspiring speech, reflecting on the clinic’s journey in the past 15 years and highlighting ICS’ compassionate and competent care. Funds raised from the art auction went to supporting charities.

In all, the 15th anniversary event was a beautiful reminder of the power of community, art, and compassion in the tireless journey towards a cancer-free world.